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Freeze-dried Smoothies

    Smoothies are a great and fast way to get a lot of nutrients in one go! It’s popularly consumed for breakfast or around one’s workout but it can be a hassle to some.

    After all, preparing your fruits and vegetables for your smoothie can take up a lot of time. You would need to wash, peel, de-seed, and cut or juice them before you can add them to your smoothie.

    With freeze-dried fruits, you can simply open the package and take what you need to add to your smoothie. This allows you to enjoy your favourite smoothie a lot more conveniently and at a more affordable price.

    Freeze-dried products are made by removing the water content from fruits, vegetables, or even meat. This process maintains the taste, texture, and nutritional content of the original product at the time of processing.

    This means your freeze-dried berries or fruits are harvested when they’re in season and processed at the peak of their freshness, taste, and nutrition! No nutrients are lost during this process.

    On top of that, you can also try using powdered freeze-dried fruits. One tablespoon is the equivalent of seven to eight tablespoons of whole fruit, helping you save more money over time.

    Here are some recipes you can try with the best freeze-dried fruits. All of these use no added processed sugars and rely entirely on these amazing ingredients!

    Post-Workout Smoothie

    Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. This smoothie will help you refuel and rehydrate. The whey protein helps you build and heal muscles faster while the coconut water speeds up your recovery with its hydrating properties.

    To make this, simply blend together the following ingredients:

    • 20g vanilla whey protein powder
    • 5 oz of pure coconut water
    • 5 oz of coconut milk
    • 18g of freeze-dried strawberries
    • Maximize its effectiveness by consuming within 20 minutes of finishing your workout!