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forager's Products

Exceptional taste, texture and freshness crafted using our unique freeze-drying process.

Forager Retail

The Forager Food Co. is redefining the food experience through our signature range of wholefood freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, meals and superfood combinations. Our products are grown in the world’s purest air, using clean water and perfect growing conditions. Our range contains no artificial additives, colours, or flavours – JUST 100% WHOLEFOOD.

Forager Providore

An extensive range of products for the food service industry, including restaurants, bakery, and confectionary sectors.

Our expertly crafted freeze-dried pieces and powders are a natural, convenient way to add delicious flavours, vibrant colours and a nutrient boost to products such as desserts, chocolates, sweet fillings, juices and smoothies, cocktails and a range of bakery products.

Innovation is key in food service, and freeze-dried applications allow the industry to experiment with food and find applications to improve product delivery.

Restaurants enjoy the convenience and consistency the Providore range provides, offering diverse ingredient options for menus all year round.

The baking industry has found many innovative uses for freeze-dried fruits. Adding powders and pieces as inclusions can provide natural flavour and colour to fillings and pastes, whilst pieces and powders offer opportunities for natural topping and decoration.

Freeze-dried fruits have become important for the confectionery industry as a natural source of flavour, colour and texture. Fruit is a natural partner to chocolate, and the variety of flavours and formats of freeze-dried products provides endless possibilities for innovation.

Forager Bulk

Offering industrial clients the ability to purchase our range of premium freeze-dried products in bulk quantities to fulfil their manufacturing needs. Customers can choose from our existing extensive product range or request custom orders to meet specific requirements.

Forager Contract Manufacturing & Partnerships

Forager Food Co. works with various industries to provide innovative solutions to their product manufacturing and packing needs. We service many large industrial clients to create clean label products across retail, food service, health and wellbeing and the pet food industries.

From supplying product ingredients as part of a client’s product manufacturing to developing new products and contract manufacturing and packaging on our client’s behalf, Forager Food Co. has unparalleled capability and scale within Australia.

Forager Food Co’s processing facilities are world-class and accredited with the highest standards for food manufacturing. We are at the cutting edge of extending shelf life using innovative processing and packaging technologies and can provide the research and development to bring your product concept to market using a cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable approach.

Forager Food Co. is the clear leader in helping food manufacturers capture the full value of their products through preservation.

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    Jamie – Pastry chef

    “Freeze-dried fruits are instrumental for flavour, colour and texture in our kitchen.”

    Discover how we work with Tasmanian businesses to develop new products using our advanced freeze-drying technology.