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forager's Contract Manufacturing & Partnerships

Innovative manufacturing solutions and products that allow our customers to maximise value, access and possibility

Forager Food Co. works with various industries to provide innovative solutions to their product manufacturing and packing needs. We service many large industrial clients to create clean-label products across retail, food service, health and wellbeing and the pet food industries.

From supplying product ingredients as part of a client’s product manufacturing to developing new products and contract manufacturing and packaging on our client’s behalf, Forager Food Co. has unparalleled capability and scale within Australia.

Forager Food Co’s processing facilities are world-class and accredited with the highest standards for food manufacturing. We are at the cutting edge of extending shelf life using innovative processing and packaging technologies and can provide the research and development to bring your product concept to market through innovative manufacturing solutions and products that allow our customers to maximise value, access and possibility.

Forager Food Co. is the clear leader in helping food manufacturers capture the full value of their products through preservation.

New product development (NPD)

Forager Food Co. is at the cutting edge of extending shelf life using innovative processing and packaging technologies and can provide the research and development to bring your NPD concept to market, allowing you to maximise value, access and possibility.

We can manage complete NPD projects or act as manufacturing and commercial feasibility advisors to fine-tune an existing idea.

To deliver the best price and quality possible, we can assist with the following:

  • Product and packaging design
  • Trial batches
  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Sourcing packaging
  • Coordinating logistics

Product procurement

Forager Food Co. is proudly based in Tasmania, a region of Australia that has gained a reputation for being the ‘delicatessen of the world’. Where possible, we choose Tasmanian ingredients first, prized for their quality and grown in one of the world’s last great pristine environments, offering some of the purest air and water to be found anywhere.

Tasmania also has an intelligent and progressive agricultural industry based on sound ecological principles, including legislating against the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

If it isn’t feasible to source Tasmanian produce, we also have an extensive network of Australian and international suppliers that ensure a consistent supply of quality products year-round.

A comprehensive register is maintained of approved suppliers, and regular auditing ensures quality, chain of custody and supply chain stability.


Forager Food Co. is at the forefront of the Australian freeze-drying industry, offering a range of premium freeze-dried products, all expertly crafted using the finest ingredients and the latest in manufacturing facilities and technology.

Forager Food Co. processes, dries, and packages a diverse range of foods providing extended shelf life whilst protecting the most valuable and delicate ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, colours, and flavours.

Our production facilities at Red Hills, Scottsdale and Western Junction in Tasmania’s north feature state-of-the-art freeze-drying capability and are supported by full-service manufacturing facilities, including ambient, chilled, and frozen storage, food processing, packing, despatch, and logistics services.

Central to Forager Food Co’s three facilities are our eight state-of-the-art freeze-dryers, capable of processing 4,490 tonnes of wet product per annum, giving Forager the largest capacity anywhere in Australia.

The freeze-dryers are supported by world-class processing and packing facilities, along with over 2,150m2 of chilled and frozen storage, offering clients an integrated and seamless manufacturing process.

Forager can offer a complete end-to-end manufacturing solution, including storage, processing, freeze-drying and powdering.

Contract packing

Forager Food Co. can assist customers in developing the optimal packaging solution and manage the complete packing process.

We pack into a variety of formats, including:

  • Bulk bags
  • Doy pouches
  • Stand up pouches
  • Retail bags

All packaging takes place in our purpose-built, sealed, climate and humidity-controlled processing facility. Stringent quality control systems are in place ensuring every product is packed correctly and free of contaminants.


Forager Food Co’s logistics team provides a range of services based on client’s individual requirements and can arrange for your shipment to be sent direct to warehouse or direct to customer.

Forager Food Co’s Western Junction facility is conveniently located adjacent to Launceston Airport and major freight suppliers including Toll, Fresh Freight and SRT, offering seamless services to all Australian states and international connections.

Quality management

Ensuring all Forager Food Co. products are delivered to the highest quality is at the heart of our business.

We have a range of accreditations embedded within the business to ensure quality at each stage of the production process:

  • HACCP Accredited
  • Organic and USDA Certified
    (certain products)
  • Kosher Certified

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