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Forged by forager

Uniquely crafted freeze-dried taste sensations.

Forager Food Co. is Australia’s largest and most advanced producer of freeze-dried products. We take only the best ingredients and combine them with our unique freeze-drying process to forge premium Tasmanian-made products of exceptional taste, texture and freshness.

A rich family history of innovation

Forager Food Co. is at the forefront of the Australian freeze-drying industry, offering a range of premium freeze-dried products, all expertly crafted using the finest ingredients and the latest in manufacturing facilities and technology.

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forager suppliers

Where possible we source Tasmanian ingredients first, and strive to partner with farmers and suppliers who care about how they are grown.

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    Huon Aquaculture

    “Working with Forager’s expertise and technology, we created a new product that our customers love!”

    Discover how we work with Tasmanian businesses to develop new products using our advanced freeze-drying technology.